Preferred Escrow - Information


US Loan Servicing can service your note, trust deed, or mortgage loan.
We will also take care of all the bookkeeping, securely transfer the money
fast, provide tax records, give your borrowers online access to their
account information 24/7.

24 hour internet access
  24 Hour Internet access to your accounts
online reports
  Online reports and payment history
online amortization
  Online amortization schedules
auto deposits
  Auto deposit to bank
auto withdrawl
  Auto withdrawl from borrower's bank
tax, insurance, HOA
  Tax, Insurance and HOA impounding
notices to borrowers
  Late and foreclosure notices to borrowers
end of year statements
  End of year interest statements
ask us for more information
  Loan Servicing is our specialty! You name it, we can service it!
contact our staff
  Speak with experienced staff - no recordings


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