Private Lending



Hard money lenders offer specialized real estate loans.  These loans are much different than traditional home loans.  Funding can be approved and given in less than a week.  Hard money loans can be structured to be short or long term.  Typically a loan requires twenty percent down with a higher interest rate with a balloon payment.  These loans do not conform to traditional banking standards, but are essential to the foreclosure industry.  A typical hard money loan lender will lend up to seventy five percent of the selling price.  There is a small documentation fee and low prepayment penalties.  It is very important that the borrower have sufficient cash in or to cover fix up costs and or money should the loan come due.  Griffin Group Holdings has partnered with great hard money lenders.  If you would like to apply for a hard money loan, fill out our form.  You must be a registered agent to do so. 



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